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The School of Yoga - Teaching Yoga Classes

AUM Yoga

Yoga and Wellbeing in Luxembourg

About us

About Us

AUM Yoga came into being to promote yoga, fitness and wellbeing in Luxembourg.

Our Teachers Follow the Curriculum of How Yoga should be taught, including Psychology, Anatomy, Philosophy, Nutrition and the 8 limbs of Yoga.

We are not just passionate about our work, but there is a deep knowledge about the direction and purpose of what we do.

We constantly improve the quality of our services, seeking more efficient and different approaches into perfecting the techniques learned.

All our teachers have more than 10 years in practicing, learning and teaching Yoga and Fitness Programs.

AUM Yoga is about adapting the practice to the environment is being taught, without loosing its essence. 

What seemed to be a random choice of activity has become our passion, purpose, lifestyle and work.

Since most of us started this shift with different types of physical activities, we added also classes like Pilates and Cross Training, which we feel are sustaining wellbeing and can be used as a stepping stone for Yoga.

The practice is not just about easing the symptoms, but addressing also the source of it.

This may turn out to be your firsts steps into realizing your True Self. 


If our work has brought any benefits to your life or you joined a class with one of our teacher, please share a few words about your experience:

Thank you for your time! 



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 Advaita & Hatha Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher 

 Pilates & Fitness Instructor

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Hatha Yoga Teacher
& Traditional (Right) Tantra


We offer a wide range of classes.
Mainly in this spectrum
  • Reduces tension , stress and anxiety

  • Improves concentration and focus

  • Releases blockages from the body

  • Creates flexibility and strength

  • Improves the nervous system

  • Helps with regulation of glands 

  • Brings a sense of peace and wellbeing

  • Increases lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing

  • Prevents injury and numerous diseases

  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism.

  • Slows down the aging process

  • Improves flexibility

  • Increases muscle strength and tone

  • Enhances muscular control of the back and limbs

  • Improves posture and stabilizes the spine

  • Rehabilitation or prevention of injuries related to muscle imbalances

  • Improved physical coordination and balance

  • Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries

  • Improves respiration, energy and vitality.

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Total Body Conditioning
  • Increases metabolic rate

  • Reduces exercise boredom

  • Produces a higher level of all-around conditioning

  • Improves balance and coordination 

  • Burn calories and manage weight.

  •  Improves stamina and endurance

  • Improves flexibility 

  • Increases power, speed, agility

  • Gain muscle strength and control

  • Improve aerobic fitness

Core Fitness

Corporate Services

We organize classes and events in your workplace

  • Events, Team Building, Retreats and Conferences

  • Personal or group Training

  • High Intensity Fitness classes

  • Yoga Gentle, Dynamic, Classic

  • Pilates

  • Cross Training

Private Services at home or in office

You don't need to move anywhere we come at your convinience

  • Personal Training

  • Yoga 

  • Pilates

  • Cross Training

Corporate & Private

Contact Us





Auth. N*10107506/2

In Collaboration with YogaBalance:

Walferdange Studio , 3 rue Millewee L-7257 Walferdange


TVA: LU31673977

You can find us also on MindBody to book classes.


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