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AUM Yoga Luxembourg

Recorded Classes

In case you miss our live classes, you can practice at your own convenience a recorded class.


Recording will be available for the next 72h

This give you the option to slow down, repeat, rewind a certain part of a class. Learning the techniques being used and how to apply them.

Using Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and Total Body Conditioning, you enhance your physical, psychological and emotional health.

Raising the energy, improving your mood, releasing tensions and blockages in the body.


Daily practice, adds great levels of wellness to your life. 

Nourishing gradually our Body, Heart and Mind, into Healthy Habits, into Harmony.


You have a variety of classes from 45-90 min

If you would like to practice other classes than the ones bellow, please sign book a recorded class here:

For any Questions contact us on