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Samuel Moldovan

 Advaita & Hatha Yoga Teacher


   After discovering yoga, I wanted to share this ancient practice with as many people as possible.My interest is to connect with anyone who looks in this direction and to guide them towards their own Self-Realization.


   As we mature in our own discoveries, we are able to share and make others experience a taste of what we experience ourselves. It is human to share what is good.

   I emphasize more on being,with a healthy body and a healthy mind, clearing some of the tendencies that used to create problems in our day to day activity.

  The purpose of yoga is about discovering One Self, not improving it. 


  The Self is Perfect, it just needs to be discovered. This is also why In Yoga, attainment is called Self Realization, liberation, moksha, jivamukti, from the idea and the old concepts that we used to believe about ourselves.


   You can improve posture, body, mind, persona (mask), but The Self, yourself, can only be discovered.

   There are many things that may seem to get in the way of this; aches & pains, unfulfilled desires, traumas, misunderstandings, conscious or unconscious mind, this is also why a Guru is referred also as a dispeller of darkness. Darkness is the unknown, the misconceived, concepts that shape our life and every step we take next. Everyone in your life, who has contributed in opening your eyes, mind, heart is a Guru or a Teacher.

   I am sharing my practice to the best of my knowledge and according to the situation in which we are, deeply inspired by Mooji, Sadhguru, Papaji, Rupert Spira and other Truth Teachers.

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) Yoga Alliance – Hatha Yoga Traditional Himalayan Style – Rishikesh Yog Peeth – under the guidance of Roshan Singh and Krishna Sikhwal

  • Participation in Sadhguru’s programs – Isha Yoga Center India – Coimbatore

  • Inner Engineering + Bhava Spandana + Shoonya Intensive + 21 days Hatha Yoga Program (Surya Namaskar, Isha Kryia, Surya Kryia, Angamardana, Upa Yoga, Yoga asanas, Bhuta Shuddi and different practices, consecrations and events.)

  • Participation in Mooji Silent Retreats in Portugal, Netherlands, India.


   Sharing my practice with all sincere students, who look to know more. I would advise to all participating in my classes to look for the teachers mentioned before.

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