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We have a limited space for collective classes
Book your spot in advance:

Download our app for booking here:

Access to Studio 


1 Studio Access - 25€

4 Studio Access - 88 €

valid 2 months after sale date

Save 12%

8 Studio Access - 160 €

valid 3 months after sale date

Save 20%


Access to Recorded Classes

Yoga Material

When you cannot make it to class or there is no class

Use a recorded class for inspiration

1 Recorded Class - 12€


 5 Recorded Class - 50€ 

valid 2 months after sale date

Save 17%


Unlimited Access to Yoga Material

Recorded Classes

10 Recorded Classes / Week

 1 week unlimited 20€ 

Access to all videos 

 1 month unlimited 60€   

3 months unlimited 150€   

Save 15%

Every week you will get an email with 10 Recorded Classes:

Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Pilates, TBC, Yoga with Pranayama, Evening Yoga; that can be practiced at any time.

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