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We use Zoom Platform for our online classes
After you book a class, you will receive an email, 30 min before the class, with the meeting id and password for you to join our Zoom Meeting.
Normally you don't need the password or id, because they are embedded in the link.
In case you are asked for a password, please know it is due to the fact you are not registered with your Zoom account, which is a requirement for participating in a class.
Please use your Real name for zoom account since we are checking the list of participants.
If this is your first time joining, you will need to follow this steps:
-Create an Zoom account on :  
(Please use your real name, since we are going to check participants name in the list)
We have set up a TEST Meeting, that you can try to log in, to check that everything works.
(normally once you try to join in you will be asked to download the app on your computer/laptop/ipad)

Join Zoom TEST Meeting

Meeting ID: 920 3473 2932
Password: 335814

If this doesn't happen, first download and install the app and then try again to join the test meeting.
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